3 Best Countries To See The Northern Lights

3 Best Countries To See The Northern Lights

The Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis is a phenomenon that many people want to see and is generally part of a list of things you need to see. Viewing their vibrant colors and hearing the sounds that they make is an amazing experience. However, you might be wondering where you should head to see the Northern Lights because there are certain parts of the world where they are more common than others. There are 3 countries that are considered the best for viewing the Northern Lights and you need to consider going to them.

Going To Norway

The first country you should look at going to is Norway, in particular, Svalbard. The island of Svalbard is owned by Norway and is well into the Arctic Circle which is important because the further north you go the better the chances of seeing the Northern Lights. It is recommended that you look at going between November and February as this is generally when the lights are most likely to appear.


When you take a trip up to Svalbard you will also be able to experience a different phenomenon at the same time. This is the Polar night where there is no daylight and night gives way to an eerie blue twilight. The Polar Night also increases the chances of seeing the Northern Lights.

Going To Finland

Finnish Lapland is one of the best places to go for the Northern Lights. There is a resort in Lapland that offers you a glass igloo where you can watch the lights from the comfort and warmth of bed. Of course, you can always look at staying in a traditional log cabin if the glass igloo is not right for you. There are other areas in Finland that you could also consider visiting, but many consider Lapland to be the best for the Northern Lights.


It should be noted that if you are going to Lapland then you cannot get a direct flight. You will need to travel to Helsinki and take a smaller flight there to Ivalo. There are a number of other ways that you can travel to Lapland as well if you do not want to fly.

Going To Iceland

Iceland is considered to be one of the more accessible and affordable locations to go to if you want to see the Northern Lights. The best place in Iceland to go will be Reykjavik, but it is starting to become more popular with tourists. One of the reasons for this increase in popularity is the abundance of other activities available other than seeing the Northern Lights.


If you take a trip to Reykjavik you will be able to see the land geysers, blue ice and the volcano. There is also a geothermal spa close by which offers steamy stays throughout the year. If you are a TV fan you can also look at the Game of Thrones locations while in Iceland.

There are many countries that offer the chance to see the Northern Lights. However, the island of Svalbard, Norway is considered the best because it is part of the Arctic Circle.

The 3 Best Ski Resorts In Italy

The 3 Best Ski Resorts In Italy

If you are thinking of taking a skiing holiday to Italy then you need to know where the best ski resorts are. Many people believe that this is subjective with the best resort for one person not being the best for another. While this is true, there are certain resorts which are considered the best for different levels of skiing experience and you should consider them as a starting point for your trip.

Passo Tonale: Best For Beginners

Passo Tonale is a village that offers snow from late October to the middle of June. The village lies at 1880m and there is a ski lift that will take you up to 3088m. The marked runs at this resort are mainly for beginners and intermediate skiers. However, there are links to the more advanced runs at Ponte di Legno and Temu.


The primary reason why this is the best Italian ski resort for beginners is the gentle open slopes. These slopes are the best place to learn skiing and to gain confidence without any advanced skiers flying past you. The resort also offers 2 skiing and snowboarding schools which offer instruction for people who are not confident enough to take to the slopes.

Alta Badia: Best For Intermediates

The Alta Badia ski area offers easy access to the Sella Ronda circuit. There are a number of villages around the area which offer a lively and family-friendly environment for any holiday. The resort is located at 1570m and the highest point that you can take the ski lift id 3270m.


There are a number of luxury hotels in the area and many top-class restaurants which cater to any needs. The marked runs in the resort are primarily for intermediate and advanced skiers. Of course, there are some slopes which beginners can look at, but you need to be aware that more advanced skiers will be going past.

Alagna: The Best For Advanced Skiers

Alagna (6)

If you are very comfortable on skis then you should look at taking a trip to Alagna. This picturesque little village is in the Monterosa ski area which is where the powerhouses of skiing go. The runs in the area offer entertainment and challenges to expert skiers and some claim that the backcountry runs can rival those of Chamonix in France. The village is located at 1212m and the lift will take you up to 3275m for a starting point that offers a lot of dramatic free riding.

This is not a place for beginners and anyone that is interested in anything other than skiing. While Alagna only has 15km of pistes, there are links to other intermediate resorts such as Champoluc and Gressoney. However, if you are looking for a challenge then it is best that you stay in Alagna.

maxresdefaultThere are many ski resorts in Italy that you can visit. However, you should consider your experience on the slopes when you choose the best ones because they need to have runs suited to you.