Top 5 Most Visited Countries in the World

Top 5 Most Visited Countries in the World

Most if not all of us wants to visit other countries to experience something new, to discover beautiful places, to seek adventure, to meet new people, to learn the culture and language, or to just check it off from the bucket list. Whatever the purpose may be, there is always this urge to go see new places and travel the world.  Fortunately, we live in a modern day where transportation from one country to another is made easy. With passport and/or visa, a plane ticket and pocket money, you are only hours away from your dream destination. Here are the top 5 most visited countries in the world:



France, Which is known for its diverse tourist destinations, is on the top of the list of the most visited countries in the world. The country is home to a whopping 37 UNESCO World Heritage Sites which are well recognized globally for their outstanding universal value. France has long been a global center of art, science, and philosophy. Travelers come to France to follow the trail of France's great philosophers, writers, and artists, or to discover its long coastlines, massive mountain ranges, and breathtaking farmland vistas, or to immerse in the beautiful language it gave the world. France is one of the most geographically diverse countries in Europe and leads the world in the field of tourism. The main cities that attract tourists are Strasbourg, Alsace, Lyon and the most visited city in the world, Paris.

United States of America

most visited countries in the world

The USA is the second most visited country in the world. It is home to the world's third-largest population and to a wide array of popular tourist destinations. In fact, tourism is among the top three industries generating the maximum number of employment opportunities in the USA. The USA receives the greatest number of foreign tourists from Mexico, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Cities like New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, and Honolulu are some of the most popular destinations. The beaches of Florida, Yellowstone National Park, Alaskan icebergs and the Grand Canyon also draws thousands of people from all over the world. The Statue of Liberty, the Hollywood sign, the Empire State, Golden Gate, Las Vegas neon, and the White House are some of the global icons of USA.



Among the most visited countries in the world is Spain. Spain is country of large geographic and cultural diversity. It is considered an exotic country in Europe because of its friendly inhabitants, vibrant nightlife, relaxed lifestyle, flavorful cuisine, and world-famous folklore and festivities. Spain makes a great destination for any kind of trip with its fun nightlife, great beaches, many cultural regions and historic cities. The most popular cities in Spain are Barcelona, Madrid, and Seville. It is truly a hotspot of tourist attractions. Most of the visitors of Spain come from UK, France, and Germany. Spain is truly a hotspot of tourist attractions.



This huge country in Eastern Asia has the world's largest population. It also holds the title to the world's oldest continuous civilization. Because of its large, industrious population and abundant natural resources, China is one of the leading nations in the world. The Great Wall of China, the Shaolin Temple, the Three Gorges, the Five Sacred Mountains, the Forbidden City, and the Huangguoshu Waterfall are among China's top tourist destinations. Traveling to this country is also affordable and they have the excellent public transport. When it comes to food, the Chinese cuisine is also a must-try. No wonder China is among the top most visited countries in the world. Its tourist numbers are estimated to increase rapidly in the coming years. The World Trade Organization (WTO) estimates that by 2020, the country will rank number one in the worldwide tourism sector.



Italy is not only the birthplace of Western culture but also home to the greatest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world. Travelers go to Italy for its delicious cuisine; trendy fashion industry; diverse regional cultures and dialect; and cultural artifacts, buildings, and archaeological sites from the Roman Empire and the Renaissance periods. Some of its most visited cities include Rome, Venice, Florence, and Milan. Italy is justifiably one of the most visited countries in the world.

Top Places to Visit in Bali

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Top Places to Visit in Bali

Bali is referred to as the Island of the Gods and is renowned for its highly developed arts, including traditional and modern dance, sculpture, painting, leather, metalworking, and music. It is one of the world's most popular island destinations with its beautiful beaches, a plethora of cultural, historical and archaeological attractions, and a wide range of accommodations. In fact, the tourism makes up 80% of its economy. Bali is rich in natural beauty, with attractions for every kind of traveler. Here are the top places to visit in Bali.

Pura Tanah Lot

Pura Tanah Lot is the island's most iconic temple. This temple is perched on top of a huge rock, and surrounded by the by crashing waves of the sea.As among Bali's most important sea temples, Pura Tanah Lot was built at the beginning of the 16th century and is thought to be inspired by the priest Nirartha, who asked local fishermen to build a temple here after spending the night on the rock outcrop. Today, Pura Tanah Lot pays homage to the guardian spirits of the sea. For the Balinese people, it is one of the most sacred of all the island's sea temples. Although you cannot enter the temple grounds, the panoramic views and cultural offerings are highlights to enjoy. The temple also serves as foreground to the most picturesque sunsets

Sekumpul Waterfall

top places to visit in bali

Sekumpul Waterfall is considered by many to be Bali's most beautiful falls. It is a series of about seven falls in the Singaraja region in the north of Bali. Going to the Sekumpul Waterfall is a great adventure for nature lovers who want a taste of wild Bali far from the touristy resorts. It takes a four-hour round-trip trek to reach the waterfalls. With a local guide, adventurers will pass by picturesque rice terraces, local villages, and dense tropical jungle. Once you reach the falls, you can cool off by taking a refreshing swim at the base of the falls.

Ubud Art Market

Ubud Art Market

Ubud Art Market is locally referred to as 'Pasar Seni Ubud'. It is the perfect place to buy the renowned hand-crafted goods and souvenirs in Bali, such as handmade woven bags, statues, hats, baskets, jewelry, paintings, homewares and beautiful silk scarves. The Ubud Art Market is strategically placed at the center of art-producing villages. Most of the goods sold at the Ubud Market are made in the neighboring villages of Payangan, Pengosekan, Peliatan, and Tegallalang.

Ubud Monkey Forest

Ubud Monkey Forest

The Ubud Monkey Forest, which is only a ten-minute walk from the town center of Ubud, is one of the top places to visit in Bali. It is also known as the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary and is a must-see for animal lovers and photographers. Ubud Monkey Forest is a natural forest sanctuary which is home to a horde of grey long-tailed macaques. Aside from the monkeys, the sanctuary also features beautiful ancient temples with moss-covered statues. The Pura Dalem Agung Padangtegal in the southwest and an ancient bathing temple called Pura Beji in the northwest.

Mount Batur

Mount Batur

About an hour's drive from Ubud is one of the top destinations in Bali. Mount Batur sacred active volcano lies in Kintamani District in Bali's central highlands. Every day, hundreds of visitors begin the trek up the 1,700-meter summit of Mount Batur to watch the sun rise and the spectacular views of the surrounding mountain range, Batur caldera, and Lake Batur, which is the island's main source of irrigation water. The hike along the well-marked trails is relatively easy and usually takes about two to three hours.

These are only some of the top destinations in Bali. You have so much more to discover in quintessential paradise. Whether exploring the distinct culture of the Balinese people, visiting iconic temples, climbing an ancient volcano, shopping at the art market, scuba diving in coral reefs or sunbathing on the beach, Bali has a bit of paradise to offer everyone.

Top Places To Visit in Asia

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Asia is the largest and most populous continent. It offers very diverse travel options. Asian countries preserve their long history and cherish the cultural diversity. What the rest of the world does not know is that Asia is also home to the world’s tastiest cuisines in addition to the temples, ancient monuments, desert ruins and modern mega-malls. Here are the top places to visit in Asia.

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is the most visited city in the world with its 21.47 million international visitors. It is known not only for its magnificent temples and palaces but also for its modern busy markets and vibrant nightlife. Bangkok is very diverse and is the perfect blend of old and new. Travelers visit Bangkok for the diverse experience. One of the places to visit in Bangkok is the Chinatown Market where travelers get to have a taste of Bangkok. Visitors also love to visit the city's most famous landmark, the Grand Palace.

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is where the tradition collides with pop culture. The Japanese pride themselves for their well-preserved history and cherished traditions. Japanese people are charming, courteous and culture-oriented making it one of the best places to visit in Asia.  Tokyo is known for its deeply rooted cultural traditions, ancient shrines, temples, geishas, and imperial palaces. It is also known as the center of fashion and pop culture. In fact, Tokyo is the Japan's pop-culture laboratory. Tokyo also showcases its Tech shops and otaku culture. "Cosplay" is common among young people which are used to pay homage to their favorite anime, movie, or comic book characters.
The food in Tokyo is fresh, rich, and delicious. The number of Japanese food to choose from is overwhelming. In Tokyo, you will taste the best sushi of your life. One of the most visited places in Tokyo every spring is the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, where over 1,500 cherry blossom trees bloom to create an absolutely stunning landscape. Travelers can also visit the Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples where tranquility as well as rich religious and historical context are experienced.

Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong is one of the world's leading financial, banking and trading centers. Not only that, it is also the gateway between East and West. Hong Kong is the culinary capital of Asia. The city offers exquisite and mouth-watering international dining options. Apart from the regional Cantonese food, tourists can also enjoy a full choice of authentic Asian and western cuisines. The city is tagged as the shoppers' paradise because you can find everything from the latest designer fashions and electric products to best-value collectibles and antiques. Hong Kong definitely gives a unique shopping experience from the luxurious shopping malls to the bustling street markets. What makes it even more attractive to shoppers is that the city has no sales tax. Hong Kong is also perfect for family travel with its parks, temples, museums, and natural reserves. The top attraction in Hong Kong is the Disneyland. The whole family will surely have fun meeting cartoon characters and experience the exciting rides.

Taipei, Taiwan

In Taipei, travelers get to experience the blend of Chinese culture with a curious fusion of Japanese, Southeast Asian and American influences. It is a 300-year-old city with its Taoist temples and Japanese-era mansions. Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall is one of the most iconic structures in Taipei. The memorial hall is a massive monument to former ROC president and KMT general Chiang Kai-shek. One of the most visited places in Taipei is the Taipei 101 Observatory where you can get a bird's eye view of the city. In addition to these sites, the best way to understand the Taiwanese culture is going out to eat. Eating is cheap, casual and tasty in Taipei.

Singapore, Singapore

Singapore has become an economic powerhouse over the past half-century and is fast becoming one of Asia's hit-list destinations. There are many reasons to visit Singapore. Travelers get to experience verdant parks, world-class zoos, luxurious hotels, historical structures, and deliciously cheap cuisine. Singapore also has numerous malls, magnificent architecture, culture and amazing public arts. Many visitors in Singapore come for the incredible food, with the melding of cultures, cuisine, and its natural beauty. Traveling in Singapore is made easy because of their MRT system which is one of the world's most efficient and widespread public transport systems. Today, Singapore is working towards its ‘Garden City' dream which is evident in its towering iconic skylines of Marina Bay, Singapore Botanic Gardens, and the Civic District.

A Basic Overview Of Angkor Wat Cambodia

A Basic Overview Of Angkor Wat Cambodia

If you haven't been to Cambodia before, and you are thinking about what destinations you should visit, if you can only go to one place it must be a place called Angkor Wat. Most people have seen this complex on movies, videos, and in books that people have written. Located in northern Cambodia, it is considered to be one of the more magical places on earth, one that inspires millions of people to visit. Although the name itself simply means Capital Temple, the name itself inspires the imagination. It is regarded as the largest religious structure ever created, and here are a few things that you should know about Angkor Wat and why you should visit.

Who Built Angkor Wat?


This is actually constructed, according to most accounts, back in the 12th-century by a ruler called Khmer King Suryavarman II. it was designed to be the centerpiece of his empire, a place that was initially a temple, but later became a tourist attraction and a mausoleum. This was a unique structure for a couple different reasons. First of all, it deviated from the traditional practices of prior kings that followed the Shaiva traditions. It was dedicated to a completely different God called Vishnu, and using its tall uniquely ornate spires, it is easily recognizable from afar.

The Construction Of Angkor Wat


The construction of this facility was what became known as Khmer architecture, named after the Empire and King that was responsible for its creation. It has become the symbol of the country of Cambodia, and is responsible for a large portion of the economy because of the mystique that this structure holds with many people around the world. It was designed to mimic what is called Mount Meru, a theoretical home that is discussed in Hindu mythology. It contains three rectangular galleries, and there is a moat that circumvents the entire structure, with a Quincunx of towers at the center. Another unique aspect of this structure is another significant deviation. It is actually aligned to the west as if it were mimicking a constellation in the sky that happen to be setting at the time of its construction.

What Is Inside Angkor Wat?


Inside of the structure you will see what are called bas-reliefs that are depicting images of people and Gods that are on the walls. They stand out, and they are often hard to photograph because flash cameras are not allowed. You will also see apsaras and devata throughout the complex, which are images of supernatural beings that are in female form. They come in a couple of different styles, most of which emulate the female persona, something that is unique at this ancient temple.

If you haven't been to Angkor Wat before, it is certainly worth the trip. They actually have many tours that are there to help people navigate to the temple, and provide them with a tour of the exterior and interior of the temple grounds. Based on both Hindu and Buddhist traditions, it will be a spiritual journey for many people that travel to this location. At the very least, you will marvel at the construction of this site which has a distinct appearance all to its own. If you haven't been on a vacation this year, and it is long overdue, definitely plan a trip to Angkor Wat to experience this magical structure that is considered by many to be one of the many wonders of the world. Fortunately, tourism has made it possible for money to be generated by the country to keep this facility intact. This will allow them to consistently maintain this incredible structure for people that visit now, and those that will see it years in the future.

3 Best Countries To See The Northern Lights

3 Best Countries To See The Northern Lights

The Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis is a phenomenon that many people want to see and is generally part of a list of things you need to see. Viewing their vibrant colors and hearing the sounds that they make is an amazing experience. However, you might be wondering where you should head to see the Northern Lights because there are certain parts of the world where they are more common than others. There are 3 countries that are considered the best for viewing the Northern Lights and you need to consider going to them.

Going To Norway

The first country you should look at going to is Norway, in particular, Svalbard. The island of Svalbard is owned by Norway and is well into the Arctic Circle which is important because the further north you go the better the chances of seeing the Northern Lights. It is recommended that you look at going between November and February as this is generally when the lights are most likely to appear.


When you take a trip up to Svalbard you will also be able to experience a different phenomenon at the same time. This is the Polar night where there is no daylight and night gives way to an eerie blue twilight. The Polar Night also increases the chances of seeing the Northern Lights.

Going To Finland

Finnish Lapland is one of the best places to go for the Northern Lights. There is a resort in Lapland that offers you a glass igloo where you can watch the lights from the comfort and warmth of bed. Of course, you can always look at staying in a traditional log cabin if the glass igloo is not right for you. There are other areas in Finland that you could also consider visiting, but many consider Lapland to be the best for the Northern Lights.


It should be noted that if you are going to Lapland then you cannot get a direct flight. You will need to travel to Helsinki and take a smaller flight there to Ivalo. There are a number of other ways that you can travel to Lapland as well if you do not want to fly.

Going To Iceland

Iceland is considered to be one of the more accessible and affordable locations to go to if you want to see the Northern Lights. The best place in Iceland to go will be Reykjavik, but it is starting to become more popular with tourists. One of the reasons for this increase in popularity is the abundance of other activities available other than seeing the Northern Lights.


If you take a trip to Reykjavik you will be able to see the land geysers, blue ice and the volcano. There is also a geothermal spa close by which offers steamy stays throughout the year. If you are a TV fan you can also look at the Game of Thrones locations while in Iceland.

There are many countries that offer the chance to see the Northern Lights. However, the island of Svalbard, Norway is considered the best because it is part of the Arctic Circle.

The 3 Best Ski Resorts In Italy

The 3 Best Ski Resorts In Italy

If you are thinking of taking a skiing holiday to Italy then you need to know where the best ski resorts are. Many people believe that this is subjective with the best resort for one person not being the best for another. While this is true, there are certain resorts which are considered the best for different levels of skiing experience and you should consider them as a starting point for your trip.

Passo Tonale: Best For Beginners

Passo Tonale is a village that offers snow from late October to the middle of June. The village lies at 1880m and there is a ski lift that will take you up to 3088m. The marked runs at this resort are mainly for beginners and intermediate skiers. However, there are links to the more advanced runs at Ponte di Legno and Temu.


The primary reason why this is the best Italian ski resort for beginners is the gentle open slopes. These slopes are the best place to learn skiing and to gain confidence without any advanced skiers flying past you. The resort also offers 2 skiing and snowboarding schools which offer instruction for people who are not confident enough to take to the slopes.

Alta Badia: Best For Intermediates

The Alta Badia ski area offers easy access to the Sella Ronda circuit. There are a number of villages around the area which offer a lively and family-friendly environment for any holiday. The resort is located at 1570m and the highest point that you can take the ski lift id 3270m.


There are a number of luxury hotels in the area and many top-class restaurants which cater to any needs. The marked runs in the resort are primarily for intermediate and advanced skiers. Of course, there are some slopes which beginners can look at, but you need to be aware that more advanced skiers will be going past.

Alagna: The Best For Advanced Skiers

Alagna (6)

If you are very comfortable on skis then you should look at taking a trip to Alagna. This picturesque little village is in the Monterosa ski area which is where the powerhouses of skiing go. The runs in the area offer entertainment and challenges to expert skiers and some claim that the backcountry runs can rival those of Chamonix in France. The village is located at 1212m and the lift will take you up to 3275m for a starting point that offers a lot of dramatic free riding.

This is not a place for beginners and anyone that is interested in anything other than skiing. While Alagna only has 15km of pistes, there are links to other intermediate resorts such as Champoluc and Gressoney. However, if you are looking for a challenge then it is best that you stay in Alagna.

maxresdefaultThere are many ski resorts in Italy that you can visit. However, you should consider your experience on the slopes when you choose the best ones because they need to have runs suited to you.

AfrikaBurn 2016

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AfrikaBurn 2016
I just got back from my first trip to AfrikaBurn in South Africa. AfricaBurn is similar to Burning Man in the United States and follows similar principles. It is really hard getting back into the flow of work after such an amazing time in the Tankwa Karoo desert. I wish I was back there living free and disconnected, I cannot help myself and keep checking Facebook and Instagram for the amazing images that are taken there each year. I found @Lara.Jess's photos on instagram and they are some of the best I have seen so far this year.   These are just two of the pictures she has put up. To see more of her photos check out Lara's AfrikaBurn Images 2016 post on her blog.  

Experience The Inca Trail And The Trek To Machu Picchu 

Experience The Inca Trail And The Trek To Machu Picchu 
Machu Pichu is one of those fascinating places to visit that you just can't find everywhere. Are you familiar with this ancient city in Peru? It's a city that the Incas built centuries ago, and there are all kinds of ancient ruins and historical landmarks to see. You're going to be overwhelmed by the natural beauty of this place, and you'll be taking all kinds of pictures as you enjoy the scenic views at different locations. Are you ready to explore Machu Pichu and experience something new? Runkuracay could be one of your stops while you're there in Machu Picchu, and the pictures that people have posted from this site are simply amazing. It really looks like you're going to feel like you're stepping back in time. This is one of the pit stops you can make when you're on the Inca Trail. One reviewer describes the lookout post being one of those spots that is going to give you great views. Next is the Ruins of Intipata, and one reviewer talks about the high terraces contrasting against the deep valleys. This sounds quite fascinating, and by the way, I'm seeing a package that you can buy that is for seven days as you make your trek along the Inca Trail. Now, that is one exciting vacation with lots of sights to see. I'm assuming since it's a package that you would have a tour guide to help you locate everything. Machu Picchu Roca Sagrada is your next stop, and what you're really going to be looking at is a large rock. Now, don't let me lose you here. Check out the pictures, and imagine seeing that enormous rock in person, against the backdrop of everything else you're experiencing in Machu Picchu. Your next pit stop is the Intihuatana Stone, which evidently has a twin across the way. No one really knows what this formation was used for, but it evidently had an important purpose. Winawayna is one destination you'll reach as you work your way through the Inca Trail. Once you hit this landmark, you'll be close to Machu Picchu. That's right, you're trekking the Inca Trail for days all the way to the ancient city of Machu Picchu. Now, if that doesn't give you a story to tell, I don't know what will. This would definitely be an interesting vacation that you never forget. The Inca Trail itself is a challenge, and you do need to realize that. You have to be dedicated to being out in nature and taking a trail through ancient ruins. It might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I can guarantee you it would be mine. Maybe one day I'll get to experience what this trail and the ancient city of Machu Picchu has to offer. Are you up for an adventure? If so, this could be your next vacation, which sounds anything but boring. You'll come back a different person for sure having seen this corner of the world. Watch this unbelievable video of Machu Picchu by Devin Supertramp.

My Top 5 African Wildlife Destinations

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My Top 5 African Wildlife Destinations
Africa is a place close to my heart. It is the destination I return to most often and the one I yearn for the most. My favorite adventure is spending time watching the unbelievable African wildlife. Africa is unparalleled for interacting and witnessing amazing animals and wildlife in their natural habitat. However, not every place in Africa is ideal for this kind of activity. Some spots are more popular than others because they offer a great experience while other places are only best to visit during a special period when the wildlife is available. However, by researching some of this destinations, it makes it easy for you to decide which places in Africa are best for seeing the wildlife you want to see and when. Here are top 5 African wildlife destinations that are considered to be the best to visit.

1. Kruger National Park

Located in the northeast of South African. This is home to large mammals such as Elephants, Lions, Leopards and even Cape Buffalo. Furthermore, the Kruger National Park is also home to the African wild dog, which is very rare. Moreover, apart from these particular animals, there are also other creatures that are found here such as Bushbucks, Giraffes, Hippos, Zebras, Zaterbuck and even Crocodiles. The best time to travel to this great destination is during winter, which occurs during the months of May and September. During this season temperatures are favorable, and the risks of contracting malaria are minimal. Apart from giving you the privilege to watch the wildlife, Kruger National Park also provides accommodation in form of safari tents, cottages, bungalows and luxury lodges as well.

2. Okavango Delta

Lion Okavango Delta The Okavango Delta is located in Botswana, and it is considered to be one the best natural wonders of Africa. This amazing destination is home to a wide array of species including Buffalos, Hippos, Elephants and Wildebeest. Other animals found in Okavango Delta includes Rhinoceros, Zebras, Lions, Cheetah, Crocodiles, Warthog, Baboons, Ibis and even the Lechwe antelope, which is the most popular species in this particular destination. okavango delta Another reason as to why Okavango Delta is considered to be an ideal place to visit is because visitors can enjoy watching the wildlife from different vantage points. Botswana Safaris are available on horseback, in a canoe or even in a hot air balloon. This makes the tour more exciting since you can see all the animals from different points of view. Wildlife in Okavango delta is present throughout the year. During the rainy season, you have the privilege of watching plenty of herds and during the dry season, it is the best time for bird watching. However, you also need to acknowledge the fact that temperatures may range from warm to mild and sometimes may plunge just above the freezing point.

3. Maasai Mara

Masai-Mara-Safaris-in-Kenya The Maasai Mara is located in Kenya, and it is named after the semi-nomadic ethnic group known as the Maasai People. The Mara consist of grassy plains, cloud shadows and a wide array of wildlife. As you tour around this great destination, you can expect to see wild animals such as lions, cheetahs, leopards and even gazelles. The most appropriate time to visit the Maasai Mara is during the months of July and October. That is because the Great Wildebeest migration takes places during this period and only occurs once every year. masaimara To make things interesting for visitors, you can enjoy the  wildlife from a four wheel drive vehicle or in a hot air balloon. Moreover, you are also encouraged to participate in a walking safari which gives you the privilege of getting closer to the animals. Accommodation for visitors ranges from safari tents to campgrounds and lodges. Furthermore, the weather is favorable throughout the year. Which makes this destination ideal for visiting anytime.

4. Ngorongoro Crater

ngorogoro crater Ngorongoro crater is another African wildlife destination that offers a great experience to visitors. Located in Tanzania, this crater happens to be one of the seven natural wonders of Africa. It is estimated to be six hundred and ten meters deep and covers two hundred and sixty square kilometers. The formation of this crater was as a result of volcanic activity that took place millions of years ago. Ngorongoro crater is home to various wild animals such as cheetahs, African wild dogs, and even leopards. There are also lions, impala, and giraffes. Apart from this particular animal, there are also hundreds of birds species found here, and can be seen during the wet season. However, the best time to visit Ngorongoro Crater is during the wet or rainy season, when the visitors are few. Accommodation is well facilitated, and you can choose to spend the night in a camping tent or a luxurious lodge.

5. Serengeti

serengeti The Serengeti is also among the top five African wildlife destinations. This amazing park is located in Tanzania, and it is one of the oldest national parks in this country. The Serengeti is used as a gateway for the great migration whereby four hundred and seventy thousand gazelles and at one point seven million wildebeest cross through here when making their way to the Maasai Mara. Apart from being part of the largest land-based migration, it is also one of the natural wonders of this great continent of Africa. Moreover, the Serengeti gives you the privilege of seeing various wild animals all at the same time during the great migration. serengeti Accommodation can be found from camping tents to luxury lodges. Visitors are allowed to explore the park during the night hours with assistance from a tour guide. Walking safaris start from early in the morning and end in the evening hours when visitors are safely returned to their lodge. Serengeti National Park is open to visitors throughout the year since the park has something interesting to offer during the dry season and the rainy season.


These are the top five African wildlife destinations that are ideal to visit. Furthermore, with the details provided in this guide, you get to know when is the best time to visit some of these places and what to expect. Each destination is unique in its own way, and you can gather more information about your desired destination online. During your trip, a tour guide is provided for you, and, therefore, you do not have to worry about getting lost in the wilderness.

Why My Holidays In Thailand Are Always So Much Fun

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Why My Holidays In Thailand Are Always So Much Fun
I have actually gone to Thailand several times because I really like it there. I feel very comfortable in Thailand for a lot of reasons, so I like to take extended trips there. In this article, I'd like to tell you a few things about my last holiday in Thailand and share some of the reasons why visiting there is so much fun.

It's Comfortable & Affordable

It's easy to have an enjoyable time in Thailand without spending very much money. In addition to simply walking or bicycling around enjoying the sights and the eats, you can just enjoy the weather. Most of the time, it is sunny and pleasant and you can wear your most comfortable, casual summer clothes. On my last trip I cycled around the city, bought souvenirs, took pictures and just soaked in the general atmosphere. It is very carefree and relaxed. Thai food is not at all like the versions we have in the United States. It is much more flavorful and spicy. I like to go to the outdoor stalls and just watch the food preparation and sample all the different kinds of food on offer. You can have a great day just wandering around the streets in any part of Thailand eating fabulous foods at cheap prices. Be sure to order "mai pet" if you don't like it too.

Take Some Beautiful Pictures

Koh-Lanta   There are lots of gorgeous photo-ops. The beaches and the village streets are equally charming. The water is beautiful and blue. Some of the most pristine places to visit are Ko Lanta, Ko Adang, Ko Kood, Ko Chang and Surin Island. These are all lovely little islands in the south near the border of Malaysia. They provide the perfect setting for getting away from it all and taking some stunning photographs.   surin-snorkeling The jungles are also impressive and wonderful to explore and take photos. I really enjoyed visiting Khao Yai National Park on my last visit. I was able to walk through the jungles on well maintained paths and spend some time with friendly elephants. Although the national park is well-cared-for and user friendly, it is still filled with natural wonder. There is lots of wildlife to observe, and there are some fabulous waterfalls you can enjoy "showering" in!   khao-yai-national-park  

It's Safe & Friendly

It also feels very safe in Thailand. You don't have to worry about your things being stolen or yourself being in danger. The people are friendly and welcoming. They have a happy life, and they are always helpful and polite. When you visit often, as I do, people get to know you and remember you. They will greet you happily by name every day. That makes every trip enjoyable and keeps me looking forward to the next time I spend a holiday in Thailand. It's Easy To Branch Out In addition to its own culturally specific attractions, Thailand also has a very international feel. You can spend days "going native" and enjoying authentic Thai delicacies and experiences, then you can turn right around and go to a Starbucks if you want to. They have all the modern conveniences in Thailand from global food chains to popular shopping to movies. One of the greatest things is that shops, restaurants and other venues are open at all hours of the day and night. You can have a grand time any time you like. This is especially true of Bangkok, which is a very modern city that seems to be doing its best to evoke a New York state of mind. It's also very easy to explore other great holiday destinations by setting up a "home-base" in Thailand. You can travel to Singapore, Hong Kong or Bali in just a couple of hours. You are situated an even and convenient distance from both Europe and Australia. Not only is the travel convenient, it's also cheap. Accommodations in Thailand are cheap, too, so you can easily afford to set up a base of operations and take lots of day trips and 2 or 3 day jaunts during your Thai holiday. As I said, I have gone to Thailand a number of times. Each time, I find new things to do and explore. No matter what you love, you are sure to have an enjoyable and rewarding time when you take a holiday in Thailand.